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How should CD players be maintained?

Date of issue:2021-01-08 Number of views:3

The maintenance of CD players is a problem that many users find very difficult. In fact, it takes a few simple steps to solve the wrong operation in daily use.

1. First, when the CD player is not in use, cover the machine with a dust-proof cloth to prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine. After almost half a year of use, remove the cover of the machine and use a hair dryer ( Cold wind state) blow out the dust inside.

2. The CD discs you usually use should be kept well to prevent scratching the surface of the CD discs. Wipe the surface of the CD discs with a cloth with CD money. Wipe in a clockwise direction. The strength should be controlled. Don't rub the CDs with excessive force. The surface of the dish.

3. After putting the CD into the CD player, you need to wait for the CD player to finish reading the disc. This is because a program of the CD player, if you press the play as soon as the disc is in, the CD player is more likely to be damaged, such as wiring, laser head, etc. , And when listening to songs, it’s best to play them in the order of the songs, don’t manually press the songs you want to listen to. This too much operation will affect the life of the laser head.

4. Don't keep turning on and off. When you repeatedly press the power switch, all the components in the CD player will run once in accordance with the program, including the laser head in the machine, the constant power on and off, and the life of the CD player will change Greatly reduced.

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